Gelexir Concept

  • Gelexir’s approach centres on a pH responsive Double Cross Link hydrogel (DXM) designed to collaborate with the native Nucleus Pulposus. The DXM, thanks to its hydrophilic properties, works as an alternative to the degraded proteoglycan matrix, the protein mesh surrounding the cells, and therefore compensates the consequences of the degradation and slows down the progression of the degeneration of the Nucleus.
  • What is novel is that we exploit the interconnecting slits found in the degenerate disc to act as a reservoir for an injectable hydrophilic load bearing material. Residual disc tissue is preserved.
  • Proof of Concept tests have confirmed that the hydrogel has sufficient strength to restore and maintain the disc height over time, that it is fully biocompatible and that it interacts well and without complications with naturel Nucleus cells. In vivo tests have been conducted on big animals (sheep)
  • Gelexir’s DXM gel will be effective in restoring close to normal dynamic pressure environment within the disc and have a favourable effect on cell biology that will slow down the Degenerative process, thereby contributing to the strength and mobility of the disc and to the pain relief associated with disc water loss and material degradation.
  • Gelexir’s approach fills an unmet gap in the treatment continuum between ineffective conservative care and last resort definitive surgical methods. The procedure has the potential to provide significant pain relief for patients, slow the progression of the accelerated disc degeneration and also reduce the need for invasive surgical intervention.