Chronic Low Back

Low Back Pain affects 80% of the population once in their life. Chronic Low Back Pain is resulting in Activity Limitation in about 18% of the global population, from whom, in 40% of the cases, pain is primarily generated within the disc. More than 5.5 million of Low Back Pain patients in Europe are expected to potentially benefit from a Nucleus Augmentation procedure.
The associated cost of this condition to society is estimated at over € 100 billion annually in the ‘developed’ countries

The Back pain results from the altered biomechanics and biology of the InterVertebral Disc (IVD).

  • A cascade of biological events have been identified leading to the degradation of the naturally occurring hydrogel (the aggrecan) and altered functioning of the IVD cells within the nucleus pulposus (NP) The process results in loss of disc height, impaired load bearing capacities and pain.
  • Augmenting the nucleus pulposus of the IVD with a biomimetic hydrogel will restore the mechanical environment of the IVD, will return disc cell function towards normal thereby reducing back pain.

low back pain